Please visit the Presearch Node channel on telegram if you have any questions:

For step by step setup instructions, watch this short video:

Node Set up
Visit and set up an account if you have not already done so.
1. Plug a USB keyboard and mouse into any of the 4 USB ports.
2. Plugin a monitor using the included HDMI to Micro HDMI cable
3. Plugin a network cable*. NOTE: a unique IPv4 address is required for each node.**
3. Plug in the included power supply and turn on the power switch.
4. Log in using the default password: raspberry

Node Registration
1.Launch the web browser on your Preberry (Raspberry Pi) and login to
2. Click on the Nodes link or go directly to
3. Click on the Node Explorer button. This takes you to
4. Copy your node registration code.
5. On your Preberry desktop double-click on the Presearch icon labeled Node Registration
6. A terminal window is displayed along with a window that says Execute File. Click: Execute.
7. A new window is displayed that says Enter your node registration code. Enter (paste) your registration code and click OK

This will run the scripts necessary to launch and register your node and you will see a blue P in the terminal window that shows your node is running.

 * If you connect via WiFi your node will have low performance scores.
** If you run more than one node from home, each node requires a unique IP address. Contact your internet service provider and request an additional IPv4 address. IPv6 will not work with the node.